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Juvonne ... with crystal clay from head to toe !!!

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Products handmade by
Juvonne Snider
Exclusively for her Swan Song Spa


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Peppermint Bay Castile Gel Soap
So rich with glycerine.  

Is antibacterial and is recommended for all skin types... with natural vitamins. amino acids and minerals.  Sweet olive, coconut and castor along with fresh garden herbs create Juvonne's masterpiece.16 oz. bottle


A. Cactus-n-Peppermint 16 oz bottle $20.00
B. Sedum-n-Peppermint 16 oz bottle $20.00
C. Lavender Ice 16 oz bottle $20.00
D. Aloe Vera-n-Peppermint 16 oz bottle $20.00


Jazzy Mint Castile Bar Soap

Juvonne's hands are her soap molds as she takes her fresh veggie base fluffy soap and shapes it into bars with her hands.  Every bar has its own unique shape and design.  it's an art for Juvonne, so much fun.. and.. so good.  5 oz. each.


E. Cactus Jazzy Mint  6 oz  $15.00
F. Sedum-n-Peppermint 6 oz $15.00
G. Lavender Ice 6 oz  $15.00
H. Aloe Vera-n-Peppermint 6 oz $15.00



Majestic Queen Crystal Clay
With a Quartz Crystal in Every Jar

Organic Quartz Crystal Clay Facial and Body Masque.  Hand Dug by Juvonne.  To experience Quartz Crystal Clay with Frankincense, Myrrh, Magnolia and Rosemary is to believe in the healing energy of Quartz Crystals and the powerful magnetic force of Mother Earth.  This entire brochure isn't large enough to list all its benefits.


I. Quartz Crystal Clay 19 oz jar $150.00
J. Quartz Crystal Clay 11 oz jar $75.00



Jazzy Rose Sea Salt

... in your shower to exfoliate dry skin or in your tub to create your own little ocean.  Pure Sea Salt with Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose.  Juvonne starts with peppermint bay gel soap (see A-D) then using Jazzy Rose Sea Salt, gently scrubs away dead dry skin.
S. Jazzy Rose Sea Salt 2 lb. $20.00



Juvonne Proudly Presents Fantastic Products for Men and Women

She processes Fresh Herbs from her garden or the wild and uses Mineral Springs Water for all of her products.  Flowers, Herbs and Spices, Sweet Vegetable Oils and pure essential oils create Juvonne's products and aromatherapy at its best ...


K. Tear of the Moon Oil 4 oz $25.00
L. Sweet-n-Sassy Oil 4 oz $25.00
M. Peppermint Bay Oil 4 oz $25.00
N. Arabian Night Oil 4 oz $25.00
O. Facial Coconut-n-Lemons Cleansing Crean 8 oz jar $35.00
P. Magic Potion Facial & Body Splash 12 oz bottle $25.00